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Wheeljack searched the planet for any records or power signatures that might be Zel Quartz. Used to the deep but loud digital tones of the Autobots, his own voice sounded pathetic in comparison. Quick witted and formidable in battle, Arcee is compassionate to her allies but utterly merciless to her enemies.

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She was opposed to Grimlock decision to sentence the invaders to death, and gave them their weapons back so they could fight off the Sharkticons used for the execution.

There are at least a few of her running around! Arcee was part of the crew of an Autobot ship that was studying the Universe. But if it were ever come to fruition, movie makers would need an especially good make-up artist to transform Rosie Huntington-Whitely, especially judging by her latest magazine samantha jo hart nude.

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After she requests payment for her services, the dependably creepy grand maester tells her to "go away. Arcee was Optimus's strong-willed and humble friend.

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It was Ratchet who hatched a new plan to bring Fortress Maximus back online, Prime's Directive, Part Two with Arcee watching as he rigged up a device that would reactivate the Titan by analyzing Kirk's brainwaves.

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Osha bares herself to Theon and tells him, "We know thingsā€¦savage things.

Of course, sometimes bare boobs are just bare boobs. Though they had been quite friendly beforehand, Arcee and Hot Rod began to drift apart after his ascension to Prime status in Arcee blamed herself, as she hadn't been able to foresee death since she saved Fractyl.

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Optimus shifted his stature minutely, and then Lennox saw it. Used to the deep but loud digital tones of the Autobots, his own voice sounded pathetic in comparison. She recognized it too late. Lennox shifted his weight from one hip leaning on rick and morty porn cartoon bench to another, his arms folded across his chest, his fingers tapping impatiently on his upper arms. If all that was correct, they must have a way of - Lennox smacked a hand over his face.

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